Update: A Message From Friends Of 88.5 FM

An article in the May 25, 2016 edition of The Tacoma News Tribune cited Pacific Lutheran University President Thomas Krise saying that he and other university staff have been subjected to harassment over the sale of KPLU.

Friends of 88.5 has learned that chalk drawings that spelled “Save KPLU” were scrawled in the roadway in front of both President Krise’s home, and in front of the home of PLU’s Vice President for Communications and Marketing, Donna Gibbs.

Friends of 88.5 does not condone these acts or, for that matter, any acts or statements that could be perceived as intimidation or harassment. Such behavior runs counter to the spirit in which we have conducted this campaign.

We understand how passionate KPLU listeners are about their radio station, and we urge Save KPLU supporters to express their views in a civil and respectful way. We would also like to remind Save KPLU supporters of the significant support provided by PLU. It was both President Krise and VP Gibbs who gave the Friends group permission to use available on-air spots, for free, to raise the money to make an offer for 88.5. The University also allowed Friends to use the KPLU.org website for many months to assist in fundraising. This campaign has been a success in large part because of PLU’s support. And for that we offer our thanks.