Friends of 88.5 FM Update: July 28

Dear Friends,
We find ourselves frequently humbled and inspired because of amazing supporters like you that show us just much 88.5 means to you. We have a commitment to provide our community with the best in jazz, blues and news, and it’s the times we hear from you that we’re really able to gauge the impact and quality of our work.

That’s why when a friend of 88.5 saw a Reddit post from a Texan who accidentally broke his paramedic roommate’s “most prized possession”– a now collectable KPLU mug– our team quickly played detective to try and find this out-of-stock thank you gift from a couple of years past for him.


“My roommate is a fire fighter/paramedic who moved from Seattle to Houston. His prized possession is a green/gray KPLU 88.5 coffee mug that he received after donating to the radio station. ..I know this because I have lived with him for 5 months and I have heard the story 3 times. The guy saves lives all day and the thing he is most proud of is “saving KPLU.” Well, I accidentally broke this coffee mug and have scoured the Internet for a replacement. No luck. Can someone help me find this mug? I will pay you, donate to the station, whatever. The mug is a gray/green color and features the KPLU 88.5 logo in blue and white. HELP Here is a link of him saving an elderly lady from a car in a bayou for good measure. If you don’t trust the link, google “abc 13 woman rescued from car”. The article will pop up with a video. My roommate is the one in sunglasses.”
Savvy jazz host Robin Lloyd found a spare in the kitchen this morning, and we’re hoping it’s the one that matches the description! Once we can confirm we’ll box up and mail out. It’s the least we can do for a hero who not only helped save KPLU, but saves lives on a daily basis.
From all of us at the station, know we have appreciated your commitment and listenership for nearly 50 years and look forward to providing you with even more great programming (and tote bags and mugs!) as we transition to an independent, community-owned station.
Our next party is in Tacoma, and it’s happening tonight from 5 – 7 p.m. at the Pantages Theater! Consider yourself cordially invited for free food and drink, giveaways, and thank-yous all around. KPLU staff and personalities will be on hand to say hello, and there will be wonderful music by the Kareem Kandi Band. Full event details here. And for those that reside closer to Olympia, stay tuned for information about an upcoming listener appreciation party coming your way soon!
Thank you for sending us your call letter suggestions! We received almost 2,000 and we’re winnowing them down as fast as we can now. The final decision on the call letters rests with the 88.5 management team and the Friends of 88.5FM Board. If we choose your suggestion, then you will get to read the call letters for the first time on 88.5.
Thanks to you, 88.5 is in a sound financial position to assume ownership. Your continued investment of Friends of 88.5 ensures our ability to continue airing news, jazz and blues for our community.