88.5 Leadership Circle

New Levels, Big Dreams

What is the new giving level for Leadership Circle?

Our new entry level for Leadership Circle is a $125 monthly or $1500 annual gift. If you have been giving at the current entry level ($100 monthly/$1200 annual), we are happy to grandfather you in to this new program and so that you can continue enjoying the benefits for the first year. You are welcome to upgrade to the new level at any time.

What are the benefits to giving at the $1500 annual level?

  • Invitations to Live Studio Sessions
  • Invitations to Leadership Circle events throughout the year
  • Advance notice of Travel Club and other special opportunities

Why is the minimum Leadership Circle gift level changing?

Our Leadership Circle entry giving level has been in place for many years, and increasing it now will help us start the new organization in a strong financial position. Items such as human resources, which were provided by PLU in the past, will now be under our management. Your upgraded sustaining gift allows us to dream big while maintaining a healthy operating budget.

What are the big dreams for 88.5?

Our first priority is to imagine our mission statement and strategic plan for the new 88.5. We need listener support to both advise and help us execute these plans as we dream big for our future.

Within our working strategic plan, our goals include:

  • Present more compelling, distinctive content, unique to 88.5, Jazz24 and the local community. Choose content that illuminates the stories of people in our neighborhoods and the stories behind our unique American art forms, jazz and blues
  • Take advantage of innovative new media platforms and use them creatively to maintain our core audience and serve and grow our engagement and outreach with new and diverse audiences.
  • Make a greater commitment to our community by convening community conversations, expanding our educational outreach, reaching underserved communities and implementing new processes and plans for consistent community input and partnerships
  • Focus on a sustainable business model by growing revenue, advancing engagement, and increasing our marketing

We know there is a lot of room to refine and solidify these goals, and that is where you come in. Your support, both financial and with your feedback, allows us to advance our strategic plan and prepare for these and many more big ideas. Your voice and your gifts will be a valuable part of this process!

Make Your Gift Today!



Pledge a gift to 88.5 of $1,500 or more today and become a member of our Leadership Circle.

Leadership Circle members are a special group of listeners who inspire us to not only reach our goals of quality programming, but also to strive for excellence in every aspect of the services we provide. In return you will receive special opportunities to meet public radio personalities, nationally known figures, local station talent and management as well as invitations to exclusive VIP events such as KPLU Live Studio Sessions.

  1. Visit our online pledge form and complete the pledge form with your current contact information, including – a valid email address so that you can be notified of special events and opportunities as well as news from 88.5.
  2. Click the “Submit” button…and you’re done!

Leadership Giving

Join one of our leadership levels today!

Leadership Circle – $1,500-$2,399

  • Monthly Leadership Circle
  • Invitation to Live Studio Sessions
  • Invitations to Leadership Circle Events
  • Advance notice of Travel Club and other special events

Investors Circle – $2,400-$4,999

  • All offers previously mentioned
  • 1 Day Sponsorship to air 4x on the day of your choice*
  • Personal tour of either our Seattle or Tacoma studios*

Directors Circle – $5,000-$19,999

  • All offers previously mentioned
  • Special VIP opportunities
  • Sit in on live studio session of your choice
  • 2 Day Sponsorships to air 4x on days of your choice*

Producers Circle – $20,000-$49,999

  • All offers previously mentioned
  • 3 day sponsorships to air 4x on the days of your choice*

Visionary – $50,000+

  • All offers previously mentioned
  • Invitation to private dinner with 88.5’s General Manager Joey Cohn and an on-air host of your choice*
  • One 88.5 Gift Basket (upon request)

*Dates and messages must be mutually agreed upon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I support 88.5?

More than half of our funding comes from individual listeners like you. Your generous donation is the very reason that our station is able to remain on the air and produce high-quality programs. Can I make monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually installments? Your gifts can be paid at all at once or in a series of installments. By giving a gift of as low as $125 per month, you can still become a member of our Leadership Circle.

How long does the membership last?

Membership is renewed on a yearly basis; your donation makes your membership to the 88.5 Leadership Circle active for one year. Your membership expires one year from the date of your gifts is updated. Moreover, 88.5 has two seasonal spring and fall challenge fund drives, and you are also invited to either join, renew, or add to your membership during the fundraising programs.

Do you accept matching gifts from employers?

88.5 welcomes matching gifts made by your business, company or organization. Contact your employer for the procedure to follow that verifies your gift. This helps our station even further.

How do you handle my personal information?

Because 88.5 highly respects the privacy and integrity of each of its donors, we will never sell or rent our member’s information with any other organization; in addition, if you choose to make an anonymous donation to 88.5, our staff will work with you in order to protect your privacy. For more information, please visit the Friends of 88.5 Privacy Policy.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Friends of 88.5 is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions to 88.5 may be tax deductible. The fair market value of thank you gifts that you may receive from 88.5 will be subtracted from the amount of your contribution on your receipt. If you have any question about tax deductions, please check with your tax adviser or financial planner.

Where can I find the Annual Report?

You can find the annual report on the About Us page of our website.