A Statement from Friends of 88.5 FM and Pacific Lutheran University

Friends of 88.5 FM, the community group seeking to purchase KPLU and maintain the current programming, and Pacific Lutheran University, which has allowed the opportunity for a community group to buy the station, have reached an agreement to separate all “Save KPLU” fundraising operations from the KPLU.org website, and to take further steps to delineate the “Friends of 88.5 FM” organization, and the “KPLU” organization, owned by PLU. All of this is in the spirit of transparency, to make sure that listeners understand that KPLU and Save KPLU are separate and distinct organizations and to ensure that donors are not confused about where their donation dollars are going. To that end, we are taking the following actions:

— All “Save KPLU” pages previously housed on the KPLU website are now on a new website operated by Friends of 88.5 FM: SaveKPLU.org. PLU supports the community effort, and will continue to allow a “Donate” link on the main page of the KPLU website, which will direct to SaveKPLU.org.

— To avoid any confusion about the recipient of any donation, we have established a clear way to give to KPLU’s ongoing operations. You can click on the red “Donate” button in the upper right corner of the KPLU.org website. You can also use the pull-down “Support” menu and click on “Save KPLU” to support the Friends organization, or “KPLU Membership” to support KPLU’s ongoing operations.

— All donations for “Save KPLU” will be processed on a separate platform at SaveKPLU.org starting immediately. All donations to KPLU’s ongoing operations will continue to be processed through the KPLU website.

— Friends of 88.5 FM will no longer use the “kplu.org” domain for email. All Friends correspondence will be conducted through “friendsof885.org.”

— Friends of 88.5 FM will no longer use the KPLU logo for the “Save KPLU” campaign.

— Friends and PLU are working together to give donors who gave through the KPLU website an opportunity to clarify their intent in case there was any confusion over whether people meant to give to “KPLU,” owned by PLU, or “Save KPLU,” operated by Friends of 88.5 FM.

We believe taking these actions will clarify the difference between the Friends of 88.5 “Save KPLU” campaign, and “KPLU,” the existing organization owned and operated by PLU.

Friends would like to acknowledge and thank PLU for the extraordinary, unprecedented support of the “Save KPLU” campaign by allowing the use of airtime spots, without charge, and the use of the online fundraising platform for many months. This support is helping to make the Save KPLU campaign a success.

Both Friends and PLU have worked together to make these changes, and we thank you for your support of KPLU and Save KPLU.