This website was created by friends of KPLU, now officially called Friends of 88.5 FM, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We invite you to read about the Board of Directors. Friends of 88.5 FM is responsible for all governance including fiscal oversight, FCC compliance and policy decisions of the “Save KPLU” campaign.

This website’s purpose today is to support the fundraising effort to purchase 88.5 from Pacific Lutheran University.  The website originally launched because a community saw the need to take action — a community spread across neighborhoods, age groups, religious, ethnic and cultural affiliations with really only one thing in common — we appreciate, love and depend on public radio station KPLU (88.5 FM).  We believe this station is something special, an essential piece of the cultural fabric of life in western Washington and a vital voice of independent journalism.

The public is on the verge of achieving something remarkable — by raising the necessary funds in under six months.  The public already achieved something remarkable by raising our collective voices (in November and December, 2015) and earning a six-month window of opportunity.

  • We actively worked against the proposed sale of the station (from the current owner, Pacific Lutheran University, to KUOW, owned by the University of Washington).
  • We took inspiration from communities across the U.S. that rescued other public radio stations that were threatened.
  • Through Facebook, through letter writing, through local blogs, through student protests, through petitions and through many phone calls and conversation, we earned the chance to preserve and build upon something great.

Please send comments to info@friendsof885.org.

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