Tell Us What 88.5 Means To You

We’ve heard from so many of you at community meetings, parties and online about how much of a connection you feel to 88.5. Now we want to record what you’ve been saying, and we’ll play it on the air during our first day as KNKX! You can be a radio star! Call and leave a message about what 88.5 means to YOU.

The Rules

  • The message should not be longer than 20 seconds.
  • Start your message with your first and last name, and where you’re calling from. For example: “Hi, this is Tom Losh calling from University Place…”
  • End your message with: “…88-Five K-N-K-X is MY connection to Jazz, Blues and NPR News.”
  • We can probably edit down your message a little bit, but if you ramble on for a minute or more, we can’t use it. The closer you stay to :20 seconds the better!
  • Please speak clearly!

Call Us!

The number to call: 253-535-8391

If voicemail fills up, be patient and call back later in the day! We’ll check it regularly to free up space.